Public Health CEU Opportunities

The Pesticide Certification Section of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Agricultural Environmental Services Division) is responsible for overseeing the CEU program.

Recertification Requirements

Licensed applicators must become recertified to renew their pesticide applicator licenses. To become recertified, individuals must either retake the certification exams or earn the required number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

In rare situations, reexamination may be required for recertification, with no option of using CEUs. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will notify all applicators affected by this requirement.

Earning CEUs

CEUs are earned by attending approved CEU classes or completing approved online or correspondence courses which award CEUs.

If an individual has more than one license, the same CEUs can be used to renew both licenses, provided the CEUs were earned during the license period for each license (from the day the license was issued until it expires) or within one year after expiration.

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